Saturday, May 22, 2010

Solar and SaaS powered remote monitoring via Next G

Solar and SaaS powered remote monitoring via Next G

Armidale based RMteK has developed a system, RMCam, for video monitoring of remote locations that combines a camera, motion and other sensors, solar power and Next G wireless modem supported by processing power ‘in the cloud’. The key attribute of the system is the host software, configurable via a web interface, that enables users to specify a wide range of parameters that will cause an image …

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DocuLex Announces Customized Business Process And Collaborative Workflow With WebSearch 4.2 Content Management Software

DocuLex, creators of content management software, announces the addition of customized business process and collaborative workflow capability to DocuLex Archive Studio’s just released WebSearch version 4.2, equipping organizations with decision making power via automation of any business process through the benefit of systematic workflow.

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