Friday, December 01, 2006

How to Choose the Best Camera Phone

What is it with these all-singing all-dancing bells and whistles cell phones these days? They'll be going to the toilet for us next! I mean, just how much more gadgetry are the manufactures planning to cram into these tiny devices? Apart from the communication function of a mobile, the only other 2 features I've used are the radio and the camera. All the internet, games, planners, calculators and other bits that they come equipped with these days, fall by the wayside with me I'm afraid. Even the camera was nothing but a novelty to begin with, but now that the image quality is improving, it just might be a replacement for the standard digital camera. But just how do you choose the best camera phone?

All of the big cell phone brands have models with cameras and they're all are telling us that theirs are a cut above the rest, but they can't all have the greatest cell phone camera out there. This is why we need as much info as possible in order to make an informed decision prior to purchasing our new camera phone.

Although the technology is improving all the time, even the best camera phone is substandard to regular digital cameras, simply because they lack the versatility and functionality of the real deal. If you simply want a cell phone camera for quick snaps shots or to record images for reference material, then you may not care too much about image quality. If, on the other hand, you want to be able to take nice photos for posterity, then you really do need to compare between the models.

So, the biggest set back with the camera phones have been with image quality. Quite often the results are grainy, not too sharp, and lack perspective. Up until quite recently, the resolution on a mobile phone camera was around 640 x 480 pixels. Now compared to the digital cameras, which literally have millions of pixels, you can quite clearly see why there is such a drastic difference in image quality.

However, that was then and this is now. The new age of camera phone is upon us and there are models available which also boast resolution in millions of megapixels. In fact, in 2005, Pantech announced an impressive 5 Mega-Pixel Mobile Camera Phone and was hailed as the first ‘real’ camera phone, simply because it dramatically enhanced quality of images for users.

There are lots of other models too which are now introducing millions of pixels into their camera phones, so choosing the best one is becoming less of an ordeal than it was say a couple of years ago. There's the Samsung i320N 1.3-megapixel camera (inclusive of flash), which is great for happy snappers. The snazzy Palm Treo 750v also has a 1.3-megapixel camera but without flash. In fact the list is endless and at the time of writing 1.3 megapixel seems to be the new standard, but with the speed of technology, that'll all change pretty soon.

The bottom line is that the higher the resolution (resolution simply refers to the number of pixels in an image), then the higher the image quality will be.

The internet is a wonderful tool for consumers of all goods and services. With the pace in which technology changes, I urge anyone who is seeking to purchase a new camera phone, to hop online first and read 'real' reviews on the latest products. This way, choosing the best camera phone at that time will a much less arduous task.

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