Friday, December 15, 2006

Almost opensource digital camera

The Dakota Digital Camera is one of several inexpensive ($10.99 MSRP) single-use digital cameras currently on the market in the US. Picture quality is a bit lacking, but acceptable for Web images and the like, and certainly not bad for the price. These are available at participating Ritz or Wolf Camera stores, or can be ordered by phone at 1-877-690-0099 (no online ordering, apparently). The camera is easily adapted from single-use to many-use following the instructions below, and is powered by two easily-replaced AA batteries. While they are sold with the intention that you return them at some point for processing (they give you prints and a photo CD, but keep the camera), there is nothing (no contract, rental agreement, deposit, etc.) that actually requires you to return it--once you buy it, it's yours to do with as you please.

Dakota USB Driver: A portable driver to access the Dakota camera via USB. The driver permits development of software for the Dakota that does not depend on a particular implementation of the USB stack.

Dakota Memory API: An API that provides read/write access to the camera's external memory space, the firmware flash, and the DRAM.

Dakota Firmware Update Tool: Firmware update is done in cooperation with the currently installed firmware, so an update failure will ruin your camera.

Dakota Configuration Tool: A tool that lets you alter the dynamic non-volatile configuration of your camera.

Original site here
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John Maushammer (see his Dakota page)
Tim Gipson (also has a Dakota page)



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