Monday, April 16, 2007

10 Tips For Fabulous Publicity Photos

By: Kristie Tamsevicius

Photos, photos, photos. As an author, speaker, or expert, you need publicity photos for your marketing. In edition to your standard head shot, you’ll need photos for your press kits, speaker kits, product packaging, book covers, and your website.

“EEEK: I don’t know what to DO during the shoot!”

Relax! The photographer will work with you to suggest poses, help you to relax, and take great photos. You’ll want to get some shots of you with a toothy grin and others with a more relaxed expression. In addition to the standard stuff, try doing something fun, exciting or unexpected.Above all have fun…you are in the spotlight!

Beyond the standard head and shoulders shot, you might also want to get you doing a three-quarter body shot, holding a sign, sitting down, lying down, pointing to something.Next, you’ll definitely want to get an in-action-doing-your-job type of pose. This could be of you speaking, typing on computer, talking on phone etc. Also think about getting a doing-your-personal-thing-kind of pose. This could be one of you with family, pets, boxing, motorcycle, doing your hobby, well, you get the idea…

In addition to doing some head shots against a soft background, you’ll also want some poses done on a white background. You can use these images to become an interactive part of your website graphics. That way you can be "pushing" a title across the screen or leaning on top of your ezine subscriber box. It's a fun way to literally ZAP yourself right into your webpage.
So how do you get great photos – the kind that make people smile when they see it? Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you capture that perfect shot!

DO’s of Fabulous Publicity Photos
1. Find examples of photos or poses that you like and bring them on the shoot. By showing them to the photographer, they can get an idea of what you hand in mind.

2. Try to capture your own personal unique look, one that will make you stand out.

3. Get smiling shots of you with lots of energy and personality.

4. Smile. It doesn’t have to be cheesy – it just has to be you.

5. Do your hair and makeup. You can even hire a makeup artist. Then bring along your makeup so you can do touch ups if necessary.

6. Bring a variety of outfits with you to the shoot. Take some formal outfits as well as some more casual ones.

7. Pack a snack so you keep your energy level up.

8. If you are a music lover - bring a tape of your favorite songs to play during the shoot. The right music can set the mood and help you cut loose so you take a better shot.

9. Be on time. Have directions and map. Bring the phone number of the studio in case you get lost. You don’t want to be late, look stressed, and have to hurry getting changed.

10. And finally have fun – your photos will show it!

DONT’s of Fabulous Publicity Photos

1. Don't party and work late the night before. You’ll have saggy baggy eyes. Get plenty of sleep the night before so you look and feel great.

2. Don't stuff your clothes into a bag and expect them to look great. Iron your outfits and hang them up the night before so they are ready to go the next day.

3. Don't wear stripes, prints, polka dots, checkerboards, or a busy pattern.

4. Don't put on bold distracting jewelry. Keep jewelry small and simple.

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