Monday, September 25, 2006

Seitz 6x17 Digital panorama camera with 160Mp sensor

Seitz anonsed a new digital panorama camera with 160Megapixel (7,500 x 21,250 pixels) sensor. It will be available as of early 2007.

Here some information:

Technical Data Seitz D3 Scan Back Sensor
Manufacturer DALSA Corporation exclusive for Seitz
Type TDI
Stages Multiple for sensitivity control
Vertical resolution 7,500 pixels (60mm)

Pixel size
8µm x 8µm
Noise level 19 electrons / 50,000
Dynamic range 1 : 2,600 (11 f-stops)

Anti-Blooming > 1,000x

Technical Data Seitz 6x17
Manufacturer Seitz Phototechnik AG
Lenses (interchangeable)
- on Seitz lens board
- on adaptor plate

- Schneider or Rodenstock large format lenses
- Linhof Technorama, Fuji, other large format lenses

Size of 6x17 image 7,500 x 21,250 pixels (60mm x 170mm)
Total resolution 160 million pixels

File sizes raw (16-bit): 307 MB
uncompressed tiff (48-bit): 922 MB

Time for 6x17 panorama ˜1 sec. at full speed/resolution

Exposure range from 1/20'000 sec.
Exposure control automatic or manual

ISO/ASA equivalent 500, 1'250, 2'500, 5'000, 10'000 by stage selection

Image format up to 6x17; adjustable vertically and horizontally

File format raw (16-bit), tiff (48-bit), jpg (24-bit), bmp

Image optimisation Seitz custom-built image optimiser

Camera body*
- dimensions width: 495mm, height: 175mm, depth: 95mm
- weight 2.8 kg

Image transfer Gigabit ethernet

Storage device Portable Mac Mini 1.66Hz Intel Core Duo (2 MB Cache, 2 GB RAM, Mac OS X, Windows XP) Portable industrial PCs on request
Control device Sharp Zaurus or other handheld PDA devices; connected to camera via WLAN

Power supply (camera, storage device) 12V 9.0A NiMh battery
Power charger Universal speed charger 100-240V



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