Monday, August 14, 2006

Ultra-camera with the 30- multiple optical zoom

The Japanese company Kowa Prominar lets out, although most likely, were let out 30- multiple binoculars combined with the digital camera.

Name: Prominar TD 1

Site of the producer: Kowa Prominar

Price in Japan: $1900

Optics of the digital binoculars Prominar TD 1 with a thirty times zoom serves for the built-in it camera as powerful objective with an equivalent focal length of 1350 mm (standard 35-mm camera with such parameters it must have an objective with a length of more than meter). This gives the possibility to radically enlarge the possibilities of survey and to photograph even those objects, that to the naked eye they are seemed black points. Only do not forget to use support - with similar an increase the least trembling in the hands will lead to the loss of picture.

The matrix of the built-in the device camera has sizes of 1/2,5"and permission of 3,14 million pikseley. The size of photograph - 2048 X 1536 or 1024 X of 768 pikseley, compression ratios two, display 1,8- one inch. As the maps of memory are used most common Secure Digital. The camera is had manual focusing, but other tuning it is very small. The overall dimensions of device are 38,5 X of 13 X of 12,5 cm, weight - 2,3 kg.

For someone TD 1 will be expensive toy, for someone - by useful tool in the work. But in both cases it is possible to focus attention on the cheaper analogs: InstantReplay from Bushnell ($400-600), Digibino DB200 or DB100 from Pentax ($250) or Binocular DigiC@m from Trust ($120).



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