Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gyrostabilizer for the camera

No so long ago I was found under the bed broken CD-ROM and I solved that from its remainders it is possible to attempt to make a mini-gyroscope, for the stabilization of camera. Idea was pleased to me, but further to idea it did not leave, since it stumbled on the problem insoluble for me, since the CD-ROM engine (little motor) approach not 2 wires, as it was expected, but 8. I.e., some controller for control of little motor is necessary. As a result it was necessary to search for, it can already eat the finished solution. After not long searches, was found the site of firm SkyEye Corporation, which manufacture gyrostabilizers and systems of remote chamber control. So that in all for $2000 it is possible to purchase to itself stabilizer, and to make a photos of everything which will be wanted, from the hands and to throw out its support. In Konektikute there is firm Kenyon Laboratories LLC, which already 50 years lets out stabilizers for the cameras. The smallest gyrostabilizer (Explorer KS-2) weighs about 700 grams. In it it departs 4-5 minutes, to that so that it will untwist to 22000 revolutions in minutes. Company clearly serviceman, since for the nourishment of this device are necessary 115 volts with the frequency of 400 Hz. there is truth automobile power unit with the adapter under prikurivatel'. Costs this achievement of the American of defense industry somewhat cheaper, only 800 dollars. But its fellow, the largest stabilizer (Admiral KS-8) costs already 3100, but it weight narrower than 2.3 kg.



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