Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Developing the next generation digital camera with 300fps

Developing the next generation digital camera which can do the connected copying of worldwide most speed

It loads also the high speed animated picture photographing function of 300fps which catches the movement discernibly

This corporation selling the liquid crystal digital camera “QV-10” for personal it becomes beginning of the digital camera in 1995. In 2002, in the silver salt camera e.g., liquid crystal digital camera “EXILIM®” of the card size which is superior in portable characteristic and nimble characteristic is sold, original function only of the digital camera which is not produced and it pursued the convenient using selfishness, started developing the always new market.
The experimental model which this time was developed, by the new high-speed CMOS sensor and the fact that high speed processing LSI is combined, is super high-speed connected copying and the advanced digital camera of the effective picture prime 6,000,000 pixel optical 12 time zoom which actualizes high speed animated picture photographing. As for still picture photographing, worldwide most speed *With 60 it becomes/actualizing the super high-speed connected copying of second with the Kousei small picture of the full pixel. Furthermore, before pushing the shutter, from the scene connected copying to photograph it is possible not to let escape the decisive instant due to the function “[pasuto] connected copying” which it is possible at super high speed. In addition, because the high speed photographing of 300fps can do also VGA suitable animated picture, the super slow image which cannot be taken can be recorded with only the image equipment and material for the business which is limited until now.

Main specification of experimental model

Effective picture prime 6,000,000 pixel
Image pickup element 1/1.8 type high-speed CMOS sensors, entire picture prime 6,600,000 pixel
Super high-speed connected copying 60/second (6,000,000 pixel), JPEG
High speed animated picture photographing
300fps and AVI type, Motion JPEG conformity, VGA
Lens focal length 12 9 groups, F2.7~F4.6 and 35mm format conversion 35mm~420mm
Zoom Optical 12 time zoom
The hand blurring revision function CMOS shift system
Monitor 2.8 Type wide TFT color liquid crystal, approximately 230,000 pixels
Finder Color liquid crystal, approximately 200,000 pixels
Size weight 127.5mm (width) X 79.5mm (height) X 130.0mm (thickness),
Approximately 650g (electric battery accessory not being included)

Furthermore, sale time of the concrete product, price and brand name, specification is undecided. In the future, it assures further efficiency and the improvement of function, it starts advancing development as a method of enjoying new photographing and the digital camera which can propose use.

The picture is the experimental model. Printing and the hallmark which are designed to the experimental model are temporary ones.

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